Sunday, 30 November 2008

Plenty of snatch

As I said, on Thursday I bottled the Stale, and if it never carbonates I will just end up with a few musty bottles of old sour beer that I can mix with fresh beer, put in bread or marinade the Sunday joint in.

Tonight I tried a pint of the turbo cider I put on last week. It's pretty nice. The last turbo cider I tried was with bread yeast -- not a success. It was thin and sour. This one was started with beer yeast from the same starter that I used to make the batch of KK which is currently fermenting.

Ah, the KK. I drew off a sample (I don't think I'll ever go back now to fermenting in a bucket without a tap), ostensibly to check the gravity (down to 1020 since Monday), and wow. Who would have thought that 10g of gypsum could make such a difference? It actually tastes like a proper bitter. All the hop bitterness is accentuated, just like it says in the books. The only thing is that I absolutely have to bottle this on Monday night because I'm off to Germany on Tuesday -- so it would be good if the gravity had dropped a bit more by then.

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