Sunday, 26 August 2012

Oat ale demonstration

I will be at Locavore, a new hippie food shop on the south side, on Thursday 30th September, giving a brewing demonstration.

I have never done one of these on my own before so it’s likely to be fairly chaotic. I am trying to minimise the chaos by only making a small batch of about a gallon. This will also mean less waiting around for wort to come to the boil, etc. and I can do the boil in a jelly pan on the stove.

As it’s part of a series of events involving oats, I have to include oats in the beer somehow. Rather than do an oatmeal stout, which doesn’t really show off the oatiness (well, it does, but it’s overshadowed by the general stoutiness), I am thinking of a pale beer:

50% pale barley malt
20% oat malt
30% porridge oats

I will be using a grain bag, so am not concerned about the potential  stickiness of the mash. Dunno about hopping yet. I have some Hallertau and Bobek in the freezer. Yeast, well, I should probably get a starter going.