Saturday, 23 May 2009


I had a lemon which was looking a bit tired and some tomatoes to use up, so I decided to have a light lunch with houmous (using the lemon juice) and salad. While rooting around for salad bits in the fridge I found one of the last bottles of my Mint Beer and it occurred to me to try that as an accompaniment. It was meant to be reminiscent of Moroccan mint tea, so I was hopeful it might work.

The mint character has faded quite a bit since I made this, leaving just menthol spiciness that you might not recognise as mint if you didn't know. It almost merges with the hops and you might well think it was some weird new hop variety.

The beer itself really brings out the bitterness of the salad leaves, and the menthol cools the heat of the garlic and chilli in the houmous. Lovely.


  1. I miss hummus so much. Yeah, you can tell me to make it myself but it never tastes the same. I've found a few places that have it in Japan but nowhere that hits the spot yet.

  2. Give it a go. Yeah, if you crave industrial houmous there's not much I can do, but I prefer my home made stuff to any I've bought (I buy it occasionally for convenience and it's perfectly palatable). Also, you can then make it anywhere in the world.